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Filthy Weather is a luxury over skirt.  Made in Britain with British made fabrics.


We are on such a learning curve, we thought it may be of interest to you hear what is, has and will be going on.

7.8.17 Day in the life of a Bumpkin Designer

By Marnie Moyle, Aug 7 2017 11:30AM

After much mulling about social media/ (Have just joined Instagram this very morning), one can wonder what's what and why. If we're to do a blog and apparently 'it is the done thing if you run a business" then what is tto be said that will engage and encourage readers?

I like the FIELD outside the office window. It is my muse and inspiration and shall be the source of most blogs. INTERESTING! It will keep me grounded, even at the highest of times and remind me of continuity and chage at others.

Being a designer is exciting, we create and often materialise thingsand everything is a source of wonder. Today I am mainly wondering how to move fabulous professional images from my PC to the insta account. i''m told you can't. Any advice to the contrary woudl be valued, appreciated and hungrily received.

Today's picture of tthe FIELD

Admitted; a new company phone is on the list of things to do.


Was about to sign off, but Day today will involve:

loving the pets, trying to find a contact for David Beckham, social media about Vogue (FWHQ could do witha page in that particular publication). Research web designers.

Followed by a trip to the workshop to have a stare at what can be useful for the top end Kitchen Designers, then work out a presentation for them to not be able to resist the work

Lunch and breakfast and snacks for rewards. Guilt for lack of yoga/stretching that is ridiculously promised to self. Drink more sweet, strong, milky tea than should. Feel guilty about teeth.

I can see how blogging can be healthy for me. A discipline and perhaps a pat onthe back for ticking off the list of things to do.

Signing off to get some work done. xx

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