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Welcome to the Filthy Weather Blog


Filthy Weather is a luxury over skirt.  Made in Britain with British made fabrics.


We are on such a learning curve, we thought it may be of interest to you hear what is, has and will be going on.

August and Business Is A Serious Business

By Marnie Moyle, Sep 4 2017 06:28PM

Welcome to the Filthy Weather Blog

Filthy Weather is an over skirt (an over trouser alternative) to protect what you are wearing on the filthiest days. Made in Britain with good British fabrics.

We are on a learning curve, we thought it may be of interest to you hear what is, has and will be going on.

4.9.17 Business a serious subject!

I thought running a business would be a lifestyle decision, a way to do things you want in a way you want to do it… I wonder if I am wrong. Time will tell!

Meanwhile, August has been a month of business workshops for Filthy Weather, and am not talking about my furniture making workshop up the road! We have fallen on our feet having FWHQ in Oxfordshire. Oxon is ambitious for its business to succeed (it is claimed that after London, Oxfordshire has the greatest success rates amongst start up business in the UK). Oxfordshire Business Support (OBS) uses its quota of Government grants to push it’s reputation to push and maintain growth with supporting workshops. These are free and the likes of ‘we’ can attend…. Well it would have been rude not to partake.

For the benefit of FILTHY WEATHER and future clients we attended the following to give us an improved chance of survival:

“The Art Of Sales” – we learnt how to focus on easiest clients.

“Marketing Know How” – this helped us discern our absolute client, from all those that could benefit from our work. This was a fundamental exercise and one that would never have occurred to us. We were quite happy spinning ourselves in circles trying to please everyone. We could have drilled FW to an early grave and we are learning to focus.

From this fascinating course we were directed to “Understanding Cashflow”. There is ‘beauty’ in Cashflow, but with so many brand new hats on, it is a dry subject, one that could be more elegantly danced with later, but the discipline needs to start now. Although we promptly went and spent a few bob on a new design. BAD US!

This lead us onto the host of fascinating characters, entrepreneurs, and creative folk and also the MENTORS. Anyone who has experience the need/desire for a mentor knows they can cost more money than you feel you want to spend, and then you feel you have to do what are told and have paid for. Perhaps because OBS?LEO (they love their anachronisms) provide mentors for free, the tension drops and the wisdom is easier to hear. We loved our mentors Tina, Geoff and Alistair: repectively they want us to attend to our our website (where an OBS grant may be applied for), sell our stock. and finally sell our stock, and make our website less personal. We hear what they are saying! And we concur.

From our perspective we recognize how much of our cashflow is tied up in our pricey stock (we started with the most divine tool to enhance our lives). Selling top end will not be so easy as selling a mid-point goods… and so wer are investing in “Two Rain Skirts In One”, or Reversible for short. An anywhere and everyday Rain Skirt.

After “Cashflow” came “How To Bring A New Product To Market”, after this 4hr bout we agreed we had more than enough to percolate.

If you are an Oxfordshire based business, new or old, it may be well worth your while looking at the list of workshops available. It might give a different perspective to you on how you run your business and give yourself The Edge. Websites are: or

It would appear that starting up isn’t as simple as it sounds (if you want to get it right), but it is a lifestyle choice and you will learn a lot (about yourself.).

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