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Filthy Weather is a luxury over skirt.  Made in Britain with British made fabrics.


We are on such a learning curve, we thought it may be of interest to you hear what is, has and will be going on.

Making Vinegar, The Curious Incident, Brick Lane, Kickstarter

By Marnie Moyle, May 29 2017 03:20PM

Index, in no particular order


Brick Lane

Dog Walker


Vinegar – way more interesting!!

Dear Reader,

A wearing week it has been, here are the main highlightss. I’ll start from the bottom, for it is researching vinegar that has me sitting here one late Spring evening. I’m keen to explore fruits that can be used. Ok so far I’m not finding the results I want, but patience will out.

Vinegar Making

Vinegar making came as part of the fermenting course run by Matthew’s Kitchen in Bucklebury and as you expect when you spend the hard earned to go on a course, it was revelatory. We were hands-on learning of Kombucha, Kimchi, sour dough and sauerkraut SCOBY!!!!. I won’t remember correctly but Scoby is something like a Special Combination Of Bacterias and Yeasts. It is also should be a character on Dr Who. In Fermentation World this ‘thing’ is called “Mother” and am feeling more confident that she has inspired a Dr Who character… I mean, really, it is frightening stuff.

Mother transforms foods to fermented foods… I say go on a course, if only to gain confidence with the freaky ingredients.

Outside The Window

Here is a picture outside the window. For years I’ve meant to photograph Dicot Power Station regularly. The Power Station is slightly north of here and admittedly a tad more glamourous (ok famous). The Power Station has always been in a state of flux, if only for the fields around it or the clouds the steam make, but lately houses and Harwell research have much altered the panorama. But outside FW office window is The Field which should be the star of all future blogs. It sort of doesn’t do anything much, but constantly changes. Tonight there are lots of rabbits and crows hanging out. And the bare patch slowly but surely is starting to fill.


We started this campaign a number of days ago. It had an instant pledge kindly made by someone in Detroit. Subsequently watching the stats on this has been painful, yet much has been learned and I sort of can’t wait to start another once this one dwindles into a non-event. We had wanted to raise funds to have the new reversible skirts made up in time for Winter…. I guess we need to watch this space to see if will sort itself out. But there is definitely a plan afoot for a better worded campaign. Meanwhile, please feel happy to explore our Kickstarter project through this link@

Brick Lane, Meet the Manufacturer, Make It British

And earlier in the week there was the Make It British and the Meet The Manufacturer event at Brick Lane. Brick Lane is a pretty groovy part of town, they were making a movie down there as I trundled through with my mannequin of Filthy Weather loveliness first thing on a beautiful sunny morning. Later that day as the sun beats down from the opposite direction and after a hard day’s talking at the exhibition (we had a stand), I sat with some easy French folk, who were beautifully French talking easy intellectual things, laughing, drinking long beers and smoking (like the French do) their cigarettes. An exotic 40 mins for this bumpkin who then blagged a cigarette and strolled off to my heavily laden van. Had I taken a stroll I may have joined the Kickstarter funding meeting that was a little further down the street. Hey ho. Meanwhile, next date in the diary for Brick Lane is July 9th for the Arty Car Boot sale :

The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night time

Finally, got to see a production of the novel! Initially set off about 5 years ago, but my pal had a brutal attack of mental illness which has been an astonishing learning curve for her and I. On Tuesday just gone we sat our bottoms at the production in Oxford, and it blew me away! If you’ve seen it you’ll get what I have experienced, if you haven’t you should because am not going to describe anything, I simply wanted to enthuse.

Here endeth this blog, for one did a little too much digging this mellow Bank Holiday and now needs to stretch her back.

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