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Filthy Weather is a luxury over skirt.  Made in Britain with British made fabrics.


We are on such a learning curve, we thought it may be of interest to you hear what is, has and will be going on.

Time; a peculiar old thing.

By Marnie Moyle, May 8 2017 10:09AM

Briefly, things that have been going on include the dreamlike experience of Oxford’s May Day celebrations. Being on the Old Berks Downs we are 20 minutes from Oxford central, yet have we ever quite made the early morning effort to go? ?? Come 7am after the amassment on Magdalen Bridge, the Pagan buzz, the Christian chorals, the slow swarm into Oxford’s back streets regarding many a Morris Dancing troupe we found ourselves caught in the queue for our pint. A Canadian there shamed us for he had been attending the madness for the last 20 years. We were home and in bed by 9.30am…. it was a very Alice in Wonderland experience.

Last Friday Garden Art + opened its new mini village, and what a party was a celebration was held. Garden Art + will be the new destination place for Hungerford shopping. High end retailers 3 miles along a country lane directly off the M4 and walking distance to Hungerford train station. Elodie opened The Generous Gardener that evening, and she, with her business partner design and have made Italian leather aprons, costa rican Planter’s hats, Irish linen tunic and …. Wait for it…. they now stock British made Filthy Weather rain skirts, which we all wore with deep pleasure for it was a chilly evening.

This takes me on to Chelsea Flower Show. We’ll visit as we always do, but it is occurs to me the socialites would benefit from a warm wrap over skirt of practical intent! The Chelsea evenings are blooming cold. Everyone starts there evening looking so pretty and ends it shivering, I say be prepared and have an elegant garden style!

So now, at 10.15 on a Monday morning the plan for the week is to learn social media, brainstorm about our market and explore the gardening world, find a brand ambassador(?) any suggestions you folk out there in Ether Land? And bring our £120ish design closer to fruition, for it seems this is the product everyone is waiting for. Might try crowdfunding… and really need to find some press mates. So much to do.

… and back to imagining roots growing from my feet and keeping me earthed… it sort of works!


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