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Filthy Weather is a luxury over skirt.  Made in Britain with British made fabrics.


We are on such a learning curve, we thought it may be of interest to you hear what is, has and will be going on.

By Marnie Moyle, May 2 2017 07:22AM

Can anyone believe how they keep getting that Five Pound Note so wrong!? animal fat, palm oil, now the lack of quotation marks around Winston Churchill's quote.

Hey ho.

Blogs to come:

Nuttty?, batty?, independent, women

May Day in Oxford

The Constant Gardener

update on our learnings for social media

Finding and checking our market

The Filthy Weather rain skirt, is it a concept with legs?

New skirt designs

Dear all, as a note to self when planning the week(s) ahead. The May Day Bank Holiday leaves a short week, thought I would pop the jottingsof things to blog about here.

Here endeth a short list, tis still early days for Filthy Weather.

Always feel happy to create a conversatino with us, we have a lot of listening to do and much to learn.

Siging off for today - another list is longer than one's arm.

By Marnie Moyle, Apr 30 2017 02:42PM


3hr walk with older dawgie for some rebonding. Pup has been here since 21st March and walking has been much lighter of late.

Huge relief that the pup (Gladys Sunshine) and Myfanwy adore each other. Their bonding is tight. And Myfanwy is clearly working out many plans of mischief for the moment they get their chance.

A spot of daydreaming slid into place once Myfanwy was into the stride; the mulling over discussions yesterday with some of the ladies shooting group #FemmesFatal after their championship cup at Royal Berkshire Shooting School and the observation of the modern lady shooter, what, where and how she wears what she does. Lots information is still percolating!

Social media is so important that while we get to grips with Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest I thought a blog would show willing! Blogs famously last 11-12 weeks before author(s) tire.... let's see!

Blog plan:

1. Filthy Weather meets the public

2. Filthy Weather assaults Social Media: methods learned on a budget

3. Filthy Weather shooting

4. hmm best not to commit to more just yet!

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