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Filthy Weather Eco Sofa  


We love creative talent and have a Filthy Weather Student Award.  OK, only one so far.  Won by Megan Ferris at Winchester College Of Art, who gained professional experience as well as a cash prize for designing us her "ALICE" scarf.  


A 1m square of heavy twill silk printed with colour on both sides and with hand rolled edges.  The detailed border frames 4 quarters of colour which enables the scarf to adopt many looks.


We are so very proud to have Megan as our first Award winner.  A future star??

Announced as the Queen of Oils, we use this product A LOT and we like to share a good thing!  


Marnie uses it to give oomph to her hair, as a skin wash, but most importantly in this instance, when she has spent too much time in the same pair of wellies and an old familiar discomfort occurs!  An annointment from her favouite skin care treatment brings her skin back to normal.  We're talking Tinea Pedis!


Small Glass Bottle & Pipette dispenser.  50ml Lavender & Geranium essential oils added for extra luxury.

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When it is pouring down outdoors, what better than to plonk yourself on the comfiest sofa with a dog, friend, book or box of chocolates?!  


A sofa perfect for Filthy Weather.


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