Filthy Weather British Rain Skirts  

How it all started....


Ali & Marnie live either side of the Ridgeway (Berks/Oxon) and have a mutual love of the outdoors.


"We created Filthy Weather after spending years of wrestling with over trousers."  


The main function is to avoid acrobatics with over trousers. The bonus is protecting the area between the bottom of your jacket and the tops of your boots - in whatever you are wearing, in any weather.


From the beginning we decided to :

Make in Britain.  Keep it simple.  Keep it good.  Keep it practical.







da guvna

It all started back in 2011 when Marnie thought her workshop life should have a dog.  

She could walk the little fella to work with her and they could keep each other company in her small Berkshire Downs workshop....


Spartacus arrived in the Spring along with the realisation that over trousers did not cut the mustard. The first Rain Skirt was developed.  The Green Canvas is still worn and admired 7years down the road.


Later that same year, Marnie gave Ali (right) a skirt to test drive.  Out in all weather, if anyone can put the skirt to the test it would be her.


Meanwhile we did our own things and were independently intrigued by the reaction to the skirts as we went about our daily lives.


4 years later in 2015, Marnie asks Ali  her thoughts on the overskirt. So genuine and passionate was she and others we had met that between us we decided to share the experience and create Filthy Weather.




one of the gang

Sparty - in the middle