Filthy Weather    (RAIN SKIRTS)


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'Alice' Silk Scarf Ltd Edition


A plethora of colours makes our  luxurious 12.5ozz twill silk scarf (with hand rolled edges) very easy to wear.

Designed by Megan Ferris,winner of our first Filthy Weather student award, this 1m square scarf  themed on Alice in Wonderland.  Each corner has a base colour: green, pink, blue or orange.  A  strong border of  almost grotesque toadstools.  It is quite a special scarf and we at FWHQ ADORE it.

We love the heavy  silk the good colour ont its reverse,that the edges are hand rolled (london) and that people notice and appreciate these details.  We are very proud that our Filthy Weather Award has enabled Megan to spring board with her works whilst still at college - take a look at her website!
We have strictly limited the productino of this scarf to 100, hopefully making it a very special piece for daily wear and your wardrobe.

Profits from this scarf will go twards the next  student Filthy Weather Award,

Ps we make in batches of 10, if stocks look low, please contact us for next delivery.