Filthy Weather    (RAIN SKIRTS)


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BLACK with SILVER :  Light weight


Stock DUE : END OF  MAY. Appeared on Channel 4's Buy It Now!  WE RECOMMEND RESERVING OR PRE ORDERING TO BE ENSURED THE EARLIEST DELIVERY.  Purchasing now RESERVES your order for earliest delivery.

We've listened, you want our work more affordable.... We are delighted to soon supply our lightweight skirt that packs to fit in your bag, glove compartment, hand off the belt etc.
Polyurathene backed polyester, but it won't make you sweat!  You can wrap the skirt over whatever you chose to wear for the day, and this easy to wear/quick to take off adjustable skirt will protect your clothes, keeping them clean and dry and you warm.

Black outer. Silver inner.  Orange adjustable fixing and a Self Coloured bag.

W= Waist range  L= Length  Please select from below.