Filthy Weather Rain Skirts   & Tennis Scoreboard


Orange, all weather court adornment to aid the game.
Tennis: Games & Sets Scorer
Outrageous Orange, ow with a reflective strip on the front and back giving you greater confidence when out in poor light.
Filthy Weather ORANGE
Camouflage Rain Skirt with our distinct orange fastening. Wraps over anything, keeping you clean, dry and warm.
CAMOUFLAGE : Light weight
A Dove Grey skirt with our distinct Orange adjustable fixing and a Self Coloured bag.
DOVE GREY : Light weight
"A  thing of great beauty" purrs Ali. This rain skirt of bonded tweed and water resistant lining is easy  to wear and very smart .  Modern lines with practical functionality.  It covers that awkward area between the jacket and the welly.
Filthy Weather TWEED
Silver is making a special guest appearance and we are strictly limiting ourselves to 40 this season.