Filthy Weather Rain Skirts   & Tennis Scoreboard

Thank YOU!  

We adore it that you took time to want to write!  


I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to my friends at Filthy Weather for my fabulous rain skirt that arrived here at The Fabulous Fleece HQ, for a rural wet and muddy setting it really does tick all the box's!! Happy days!


Coming across you during the recent IWA certainly enriched the event for us!

With filthy weather hanging over this country side ever since we returned from Nürnberg, a bright splash of skirt colour comes in very handy during the daily routine of at the cottage...


This weekend we went to visit my daughter in Wales - who I gave the first skirt to - and who uses it all the time!  

The rain skirt and apron gifts I gave at Christmas were much loved so many thanks for that.

Claire Zambuni,

The skirt has arrived. It's fricking cool and I will let you know when I have my debut filthy weather outing. It won't be this weekend unless walking the dog in biblical in Regents Park, but very soon.

THANK YOU! I actually love it.

Gabi, Heironymus Gruff

I ADORE the skirts. SO easy to wear, SO flattering. My favourite is the plain cotton and I love the pretty little trim detail inside. I want to wear one all the time.

followed a while later with...

I wore a canvas FW skirt to a gathering last Sunday where someone spilt RED WINE! all down it.

Aaaaaaaaarrgghh! Nonchalantly, and with my fingers deftly crossed, I sponged white wine on the offending splashes. Hey presto, the red wine had fortunately formed in droplets on the surface and away they went - as if by magic. What a fabulous demo for FW! Notwithstanding my dramatic rip off, with Velcro accompaniment, I assume the older gentlemen in the assembled guests did not expect me to have my trousers underneath! Full impact!


Sun was out, sky was blue and was mad keen to get into the greenhouse, but also due for lunch at the pub.  When da daaaa....the pinny came into it's own!!!!   Was lookin' good, feelin' great, and donned your groovy pinny,  planted the seeds and still looked fab come lunch time - no muddy hand marks on the favourite jeans!  Thank you FW, it turned out to be the coolest tool.

Mrs Buxey

Teaching 20 kids at The Discovery Centre all day in Filthy Weather- rain skirt excellent! xxx

Caroline Emmet

Trying out my invisible rain skirt on my way to Regent Street!  I am much drier than Chris!!! (Smug face, happy face, wet face)

Thanks again for my lovely skirt ...

Silke Hohaus-Wensauer

Dear Ali and Marnie,

I am wearing your skirt every day and it is perfect and keeps me warm !! ... and I am looking forward to have the orange skirts in stock :-)

IMG_1052 Caroline Emmet

I Barnett

Annoyingly we were burgled last night and my lovely rain skirt in its box was stolen. Do you have anymore ?

Diana M.   Sept 2018

I absolutely LOVE my Rain Skirt.

It is completely brilliant and so light and comfortable.  It can live in my pocket & be on within 30 seconds - so keeping up with the pace of weather changes in Scotland!!

I didn’t use it so much this summer in that heatwave! But it’s coming into it’s own now - big time!  


Thank you so much


I’ve just ordered 2 more for Christmas presents.  

L.D. MacKrell

I'm actually looking forward to the autumn rains (I live in Seattle, so it won't be that long to wait). I'll snap a pic on it's maiden voyage. Thanks for the fabulous skirt. I look forward to seeing what other amazing stuff you guys make